Flood Relief Project: Tee22Six

This project employed two builders to carry out the work on the house for Maria and her family. A carpenter was also brought in to make and fit the windows and doors. It has been constructed to a reasonable standard, using fired bricks, cement, brick force wire and iron roofing sheets. Hopefully this will enable this family to have a home for a good number of years.


Maria is 20 years old and has three young brothers and two children of her own that she is responsible for. Both parents have died and the father of her own children has left and does not support her in any way. The house on her mothers land has fallen down so the whole family had to live in a house on land owned by uncles that have married into the family, these uncles are not kind to Maria, they steal what little she has and refuse to give her children any food. We have verified this situation with the village chief who assures us that this is the case and if we could build a house for her on her mothers land she could protect Maria and the children from any harassment from the uncles. When we asked Maria what she most wanted out of life she said, to have her mother back so she would have someone to advise her on life’s issues. Maria’s source of income is doing jobs for other people, such as collecting water from the borehole and taking it to the peoples homes. She is not an educated girl, so is unable to earn a decent living. A decent house will give her some self worth and protect her and the children from the elements of the weather and keep them safe.

Maria with her two children and two of her brothers