Stimulus for Transformative Development (STRADE) is a Community Based Organisation working with Volunteers in Rumphi and Mzimba (North) Districts, Northern Region of Malawi. The main aim is to initiate self help grassroots projects so communities can all contribute to their development.

2020: £1,000 to build 2 shallow wells, equipped with hand pumps to improve water quality and sanitation at Madang’ombe village and school, Mzimba district.

After meeting with the STRADE team bout water sanitation in the village, the community mobilised resources to aid the construction of the shallow wells.

The construction of shallow wells has been a success – over 140 households will have clean and safe water for drinking and domestic purposes. The involvement of community members will ensure sustainability of the shallow well as they will be able to maintain themselves and the vegetable gardens will supplement their efforts to raise funds for maintenance costs.

Masida Hastings Ziba, TEAM Leader, STRADE
A trial hole dug to check level of the water table in the village
Installing the pipes and water pump once the well had been dug and covered over
Testing the water from the new well

2021 : £875 to support the Chambo Community Irrigation Scheme through installation of a solar water pump.

In the second phase of the Chambo Community Project, a solar irrigation system is being installed in the market garden to improve food production and overall food security for the village.

STRADE has created a partnership with Office of Agriculture in Mzimba North to provide technical support in Community Irrigation Scheme. Irrigation Experts will help in facilitating the training for the community and support in marketing of farm produce and financial management of the farm crops.

The farmers involved in the irrigation scheme doubled the yields of produce compared to when crops were grown with seasonal rains. Some even made huge sales of 50% of their reserved produce in the month of November 2021. The health status of the beneficiaries has greatly improved due to balanced diets since they are able to farm crops using organic manure and also raise livestocks.

Masida Hastings Ziba, TEAM Leader, STRADE

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The solar pump purchased and ready for installation

Esther is one of the female farmers benefitting from the community irrigation scheme. She is 35 years old with 5 children. In 2021, she harvested 1000 kilograms of maize using organic manure. She reserved 400 kilograms for her family and 600 kilograms was sold. She also made a total of K60,000 from the vegetable sales that enabled her to buy a bed, soap, sugar and other food to supplement her meals.