Seedsowers Trust is a UK based charity that has been working in Malawi for 25 years on various projects including orphan welfare, famine relief, safe water supplies and irrigation.

2021: £1,000 to support distribution of flood relief packages to community members most affected by the flood damage.

One of the recipients of the flood relief items showed me his garden – he has planted onion and vegetables which he’s also be able to sell as this is his second harvest. I was so impressed.

MIKE ANsell, founder of SEEDSOWERS Trust

In March 2019, heavy rains caused floods in most parts of Malawi washing away many hectares of farm land together with crops causing fears of food shortages
and panic of hunger. Through SeedSowers Trust, and the FOMA grant, members of the community in Msalawatha Village, Neno, were helped to re-establish themselves through a farm inputs flood response package.

Pictures of the flood damaged land
Members of the community with flood damaged houses were assisted to rebuild their homes

Inspecting the new crops

2022: £1,500 to help repair of some of the village water points that had been damaged in the storms.

In early 2022 Cyclone Ana hit Malawi which caused much damage to crops and housing especially in the poorer rural villages where SeedSowers Trust are currently working.

The FOMA grant has assisted in repairing three boreholes at Malunga, Daniel and Chilaweni communities.

MIKE ANsell, founder of SEEDSOWERS Trust
Road damaged reported by SeedSowers Trust following Cyclone Ana.
Homes damaged by flooding
Communities help in the repair of the boreholes