A grant to Malawi Education Link of £650 in April 2016 for the completion of construction pf Mtetzga School, Ngala district. The grant was used for the purchase of materials while bricks, sand and other local materials were provided by the local community.

In August 2016, the construction was completed, giving the community a weatherproof school block as opposed to what they were using before.

The children and their teacher represent a very grateful Mtetzga community. Children can continue their education in the rainy season and the school building will be a focus for community life.

A grant of £1,000 in November 2016 to help with the costs of drilling a borehole to provide Gangala Village with a potable, reliable, accessible water supply, additionally enabling them to grow a second crop outside the rainy season.

February 2017 Update

Two more boreholes have been completed and officially opened. The villagers have passed on their profuse thanks and shared this lovely photo with us.

They used to walk for more than an hour to muddy puddles, in the dry season. They now have the opportunity to grow dry season subsistence and cash crops as well as having access to safe, reliable, potable water nearby.

Official opening ceremony of the M’bama village pump

Official opening ceremony of the M’bama village pump


– Malawi Education Link

To ensure sustainability Malawi Education Link has set up a Borehole Maintenance Project. All villages within the catchment area are required to fund 50% of the maintenance costs, the other 50% being met by Malawi Education Link. This contribution from villagers is made to encourage responsible use of the pumps, boreholes and also encourage them to report problems before it is too late.