VSO Project: Champiti, Ntcheu

A grant of £340 was awarded to support a community project through the purchase of goats, pigs and turkeys. The livestock will be used for breeding and income generation. The project is based on a ‘pass it on’ scheme where each villager is given a male and female pair. When the animals have their first litter two of the litter are passed onto a another villager and the process continues.

Living and Giving

“Starting the Living & Giving project in Champiti village has been very good.  It is really great to see animals on our family compound and to know that they will help others in the village financially.  The ‘pass it on’ idea is simple but very effective.  My family are very happy and thankful to FOMA for giving us these opportunities.  This year we are very happy because the rains have been very good and the coming harvest will feed our family for another year.  Hopefully next year we can buy all our fertiliser thanks to Living and Giving.”

Auden Kaning’a, Champiti village

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