CorpsAfrica Malawi is a non-profit organization that works with young volunteers to support communities within their own countries. They work alongside the communities to identify improvement projects in a wide range of key areas.

2021 : £800 to purchase construction materials to complete building a health clinic for the Siyombwe Community in Chitipa.

The Siyombwe community has been planning for this clinic for a long time. The proposed construction will involve plastering of the clinic, erecting doors and windows, plastering of a toilet, construction of cement benches inside the clinic and installing a ceiling. The community will provide bricks, sand, water, and pay a builder and carpenter. These in-kind contributions will be valued and will be part of community contribution.

We are very grateful for the assistance that Friends of Malawi Association provided to our organisation. Thank you for the support to make this project a reality.

Dipsy Kayuni, Ungweru youth organisation & Lucky Roosevelt Katundu, CORPS africa

Village Development Committee, CorpsAfrica Volunteer, Village Headman and members of the Siyombwe Community
Procuring building materials from the boma
A builder plastering the rear of the Siyombwe Clinic
The inside of the clinic takes shape

The Village Development Committee in collaboration with Ungweru Youth Organisation mobilised MK200,000.00 from the community as part of monetary contribution to pay for the builder and carpenter.