2010.r.to 2014.r.

Four grants have been awarded totaling £2,070. These funds have gone towards the construction and furnishing of a classroom block at the Chiyembekezo School at Chapsinja village, on the Salima Road outside Lilongwe. The project aim was to build a primary school near the village to ease the childrens’ transition from the nursery school, reduce drop out rates due to long distances to government schools, and keep them safe in rainy season due to an impassable river that floods the area.


As a parent, and the whole community, we have taken ownership of the school. We take part in construction work by molding and burning bricks, providing sand. We also participate in the Parent’s Teacher Association where we discuss on how we can improve the school in all areas. I am happy with the school. I send my children to school so that when they grow up they will be able to depend on themselves and support our community.

Noel Chikaonda, father to Evans in Class 2, Chiyembekezo School