2018: £500

2019: £500

2020: £500

June 2018 Chitipa Cricket Project 

Andrew Bottomer, July 2018.

With funds from The Friends of Malawi Association (FOMA) we managed to construct a cricket cage with a net (donated by Durant Cricket UK). It was officially opened by the Chitipa District Education Manager on in June 2018 and is now fully operational. It is the first cricket cage and net in Northern Malawi.

C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Malawi 2018\Cricket Cage and Opening Ceremony\IMG_5194.JPG
Official opening of the cricket cage
C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Malawi 2018\Cricket Coaching Course and festival\IMG_5005.JPG
The group celebrating with the donated equipment
C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Malawi 2018\Cricket Coaching Course and festival\IMG_5081.JPG
Cricket training group

The Chitipa Cricket Union contributed 20 % of the cost through funding from the Malawi Cricket Union (the governing body of cricket in Malawi). They also supported 26 teachers from Kawale Zone to attend a 6 day cricket coaching course delivered by two Malawi Cricket Academy coaches.  

C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Malawi 2018\MCA course\IMG_5143.JPG
The cricket coaches and the sports development teams

C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Malawi 2018\Cricket Coaching Course and festival\IMG_5137.JPG
Donated cricket equipment
C:\Users\Catherine\Documents\Andy\Chitipa  2018\Cricket Chitipa\malawi cricket union.jpg
C:\Users\Catherine\Documents\Andy\Chitipa  2018\Cricket Chitipa\malawi cricket academy.jpg

Chitipa Sports Development Project

Andrew Bottomer, September 2019

With the £500 grant from Friends of Malawi Association (FOMA) we were able to build 4 sets of mini football goals to support the U12 football development project. In September 2019 I visited Chitipa for 10 days to deliver a Young Football Leader’s Training Course with local football coach Wachisa Munkhondijah.

6 of the 11 football clubs in Chitipa were represented at the courseaand 15 Youth Coaches (9 boys and 6 girls) successfully completed the training. 

C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Presentation to 15 young coaches and 5 senior coaches.JPG
The group with their coaching certificates
C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Malawi 2019\IMG_5587.JPG
Teaching on the course

At the end of the course, the 9 trained male coaches held a very successful 6 team 8-a-side U12 festival.

C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Malawi 2019\IMG_5626.JPG
C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Malawi 2019\IMG_5622.JPG
White Movers FC
C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Malawi 2019\IMG_5623.JPG
Nyabinge Warriors
C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Malawi 2019\IMG_5630.JPG
Youth K Rangers
C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Malawi 2019\IMG_5624.JPG
Real Stars FC
C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Malawi 2019\IMG_5631.JPG
Santos FC
C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Malawi 2019\IMG_5634.JPG

The Female Coaches also held a two hour long training session with over 100 U12 girls. 

C:\Users\Catherine\Pictures\Pictures\Malawi\Malawi 2019\IMG_5628.JPG
Girls football training session

Chitipa Sports Development Project

Andrew Bottomer, October 2020

Although the Covid situation has meant a postponement to the plans, the £500 FOMA grant will be spent on making 4 new sets of football goals for the Under 12 football project (cost 400,000 MK). The local coaches will be delivering the training courses and monitoring the follow up activities throughout 2021.

Football pitch awaiting the goal posts