Community Forum is a not-for-profit, grass roots organisation working on sustainable development approaches within Malawian communities, particularly supporting women and girls rights as well as education, health and gender equality.

2019: £785 to support the production of Wonderbag slow cookers.

With funding from FOMA, COFO procured two Singer sewing machines and the materials needed to make the Wonderbags such as lining, chippings, foams, and fabric.

Thank you FOMA – through your help we have made Wonderbags in Malawi!

Joshua Malunga, COFO Founder, May 2020.

COFO are trained distributors of the clean-cooking intervention called the Wonderbag, a culturally accepted tool, endorsed by the International Federation of the Red Cross.  The Wonderbag is a non-electric slow cooker developed for cooking over open fires. After bringing a pot of food to the boil and placing it in a foam-insulated Wonderbag, the food will continue cooking for up to 12 hours without additional heat. As the pot spends a fraction of time on the fire or stove, Wonderbag cooking reduces by 70% the amount of wood, charcoal, or other fuels used in the home. This saves hours of time and labor, and improves indoor air quality and overall health. 

The sewing machines and materials for Wonderbag production in Malawi
Community Forum production of Wonderbag

Due to the COVID pandemic, COFO were able to also produce fabric face masks and distributed soap to 120 households in Chikwawa.