February 2016
Food Mill Construction Completion
(Title changed to Food Mill from Maize Mill to encourage more diverse food milling)

Maize is the staple food of Malawi. The community has requested the provision of a Maize Mill in the village of Kafutwe which will meet the need of the community of 23 local villages (approximately 180 households which is approximately 1,000 people) to enable them to make their dried maize into flour. Currently children are sent long distances to get the maize milled, removing the need for these journeys will significantly improve their lives and give them more time for schooling, etc. The project would be implemented by The Landirani Trust and monitored by our Local Based Committee (LBC) members and Landirani Trust Staff. Our Outreach Manager will monitor once a week and our Accountant will monitor once a month. The proceeds from the Mill will go into our bank account will support the LBC members to run their activities in supporting the orphan and vulnerable people in the area. Currently our charity provides food to the most vulnerable people during February (the hungry month). This is a mix of maize, soya and pigeon peas, providing carbohydrate and protein. We pay to get the maize milled and would like to have the facility where we can eliminate these costs to the charity, furthering sustainability.

Changes to the original proposal: We wanted to encourage our community to grow more diverse crops which can be dried and milled, such as millet, soya, groundnuts and cassava. We therefore changed the building name from ‘Maize Mill’ to ‘Food Mill’ to encourage a more versatile use.

FOMA supported this project with £1,000 towards the building costs of the ‘Food Mill’ which was completed in January 2016 by Thundo Building Contractors. These are local contractors and provided an income to local people. It was a month overdue because of the Christmas break which delayed some of the construction. The machinery is now ordered and will be installed in March. Interviews have been held to fill the positions of cashier, miller and guard. The miller and two of our Local Based Committee members will be trained on maintenance of the machinery. The machinery was funded by Kingston upon Thames Rotary Club.

Since this is a community project we also built a toilet locally as people will be travelling some distances to mill their crop and we want the area to keep hygienic.

Our Community thanks FOMA in supporting this project to make them
more self-sufficient. Zikomo Kwambiri!